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CinciGolf is the largest Golf coupon book in the Tri State area. During our 19th year we are happy to bring you one of our most powerful books yet! Over 150+ pages representing 60+ courses are within our book. Playing 2 rounds of golf in a year makes this book worth it!

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Feature your Golf Course inside the CinciGolf Coupon book! Get instant recognition from our Member base of over 12,000 players. Your course will be featured in our Coupon Book, Digital Catalog & our Website!

Unique Web Design

One thing we have learned is that each Course has spectacular views that aren’t showcased online! Often you’ll find 1 or 2 pictures to highlight a course… This is not enough! Don’t let your course look like EVERY OTHER COURSE online! Let us make your presence stand out!

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Brilliant Drone Flyovers

One of the most sought after services that we provide is a High End, 4k Drone video of your course! Showcase each hole, your proshop & your amazing landscapes!

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